6-Deck Mini-Brick No. 2 – Black & Blue


The second in a brand new series of super special mini bricks
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This amazing 6-deck mixed collector’s brick includes:

Jerry’s Nugget (Blue deck, unopened, NEW)

These are the undisputed king of modern collectible decks. Made only one time in the early 70’s for the North Las Vegas Casino, Jerry’s Nugget, they are made with a stock that USPCC never (or very rarely) used again. These are very firm and last like iron and are deservedly sought after. The deck you will get in this set is brand new and sealed with it’s original cello. Since this cello is more than 40 years old, we cannot guarantee that it will arrive without cracks in it. The cello is extremely fragile and can crack just by touching it. But regardless of the cellophane the decks are new and pristine and the must have deck for any modern deck collector. These decks regularly sell for over $450 all by themselves.

Ricky Jay Buchinger “Wig” deck (long sold out)

These beautiful cards were designed by the legendary Ricky Jay to commemorate the release of his book on Matthew Buchinger. The small quantity sold out instantly and if you buy this deck on Ebay it will be $30-35 at least.

Skull and Bones Numbered Reserve “SAMPLE” Edition

This special version of our Skull and Bones designs comes with a soft touch tuck that is embroidered with gold thread and stamped with gold foil. The deck is beautiful and the one included with this offer will have a number on the seal. The released version came with a seal that said SAMPLE but the reserve version has a numbered seal. These have not been released but the SAMPLE version sells for over $60 now.

Evil Deck

Giovanni Meroni’s prize winning first deck. Printed by EPCC and was one of the very first decks released with Spot UV on the tuck. This wonderful deck is a $14.95 value.

Skull And Bones Premium Edition

This deck was printed years ago when Conjuring Arts first started the Skull and Bones series. It was never offered for individual sale but instead was only given as a premium when a brick of cards was sold. These can be found on the aftermarket for between $60-$80.

Black and Silver Erdnase Acorns

The final deck in the Erdnase Acorn series designed by Guy Hollingworth. This is the design that started Conjuring Arts into the playing card world and is as beautiful now as it was years ago when it was designed. These can be found for between $15 and $20.

You will receive all 6 of these UNOPENED incredible decks in a beautiful, collapsible brick box with gold foil logo:

  • Jerry’s Nugget (BLUE deck, unopened, NEW)
  • Ricky Jay Buchinger “Wig” Deck (long sold out) 
  • Skull and Bones Numbered Reserve “SAMPLE” Edition
  • Evil Deck 
  • Skull And Bones Premium Edition
  • Black and Silver Erdnase Acorns 

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