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Conjuring Arts Value Access to Ask Alexander.

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A special offer on our value level membership plus an extraordinary free gift! Please understand these are very limited and first come, first serve. Please give us your alternative choice in case your first choice is already gone.

Charlier Level – 1 Year (Choose 1):

  1. Shooting Star Playing Cards: Donated by Bill Kalush, these are very rare, vintage playing cards made for the Shooting Star Casino in the 80s. They feature one of the first Bee back designs to incorporate a white border and are of exceptional quality. Mr. Kalush was very lucky to acquire a small quantity of these new and unopened decks many years ago, and we are very fortunate that he is giving us the opportunity to own one of these special decks!
  2. David Blaine Signed Photo (10”x10”): Donated by David Blaine, this is one of magic’s great images, elegantly printed and signed by Mr. Blaine. A beautiful addition to your collection and lovely display item.
  3. David Roth Spinner Coin (Limited Edition of 2,000!): Donated by David Roth, Conjuring Arts’ Master in Residence, these beautiful, limited edition, silver dollar-size coins feature Mr. Roth’s likeness and an etched-in signature, as well as a number of built-in features for magic. A fantastic keepsake from one of magic’s true living legends!
  4. Decade of Magic DVD by David Blaine: Donated and personally autographed by David Blaine, this two disc set features three of Mr. Blaine’s excellent television specials and a number of special features.
  5. Fournier 605 Playing Cards: Donated by Lee Asher, these Fourniers are his signature edition in a distinctive Brown color on the classic Fournier back design. These cards are renowned for their extensive capabilities in the realm of double card handling.
  6. Pacific Blue Playing Cards: Donated by Lee Asher, these are 100% original and un-cancelled casino playing cards printed by the Angel Playing Card Company. They are printed to withstand the grueling conditions of the casino environment and are some of the finest cards available.
  7. Losing Control (in Chinese!) by Lee Asher: Donated and personally autographed by Lee Asher, the Losing Control booklet features excellent instruction, in Chinese, supplemented by numerous photos and effects. Learn one of the easiest and most deceptive card controls extant!

Conjuring Arts value level membership for customers in Canada. Access to Ask Alexander (over 500,000 pages!) as well as receiving our flagship history journal Gibecière. Members are also entitled to discounts on some merchandise as well as early access to new releases.

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