Catch 33: Three Card Monte by Lee Asher PDF


3 cards. 2 of them lose. 1 wins. 

“..simple! “… Or so your audience thinks.


Each time he plays the game with you, your spectator falls into subtle traps you’ve set. He receives an authentic lesson on the con game that is not a game at all. Using beautifully choreographed sequences, you continually manipulate your spectator into choosing the wrong card. He just can’t help himself.
Perform this routine surrounded; at a restaurant, trade show, or private party. Insert it into a gambling demonstration. Use it when you want audience participation.
The majority of Monte routines are story-based and don’t allow for spectators to actually play. Designed to fool a room full of lay people, Catch 33 astounds many of the sharpest magicians watching.
As a bonus, a Catch 33 performance video is provided as a learned aid. Shown from the audience’s point of view, this clip will help you visualize each sequence so you may learn the routine faster.
Table of Contents
The Hype: This discussion of the basic Monte technique is perfect for those that have never heard of Three Card Monte, and for those with years of Monte experience that need a refresher.

You will learn The Mid-Air Lay Downa basic original pattern. The first time you try it, you’ll fool yourself.

From there, you will learn The Grecian TurnThis simple original sequence has fooled many of the world’s finest magicians on my travels throughout Europe, Asia and all of the Americas.

Finally, you’ll learn RippedWith roots in the classic torn corner plot, many have said this sequence alone is worth the price of this e-manuscript.

*Plus you will get two more phases, the Sosi Switch and Kaiser Con and a Bonus Ploy for when someone picks the right card. They are guaranteed to fool spectators with con game psychology never used in a magical context before.

Catch 33 borrows actual moves taken from the real street con and combines them with an entertaining magical approach and excellent psychology. It will surpass all of your expectations.