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Until May 14, 2023 11:59PM ET, new member signups receive store credit that can be used towards most eBooks!

Some restrictions apply. The eBook store credit does NOT apply to:
- Harry Lorayne books
- Robert J. Albo books
- Dani DaOrtiz books
- Lee Asher books
- Hochman Encyclopedia and Price Guide
- 13 Steps to Mentalism by Tony Corinda
- The Book by the Flicking Fingers
- The Secrets of Alkazar by Allan Kronzek
- Houdini's Fabulous Magic

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All members of Conjuring Arts benefit from our two most important projects: the search engine Ask Alexander and our bi-annual journal Gibecière. With your own private Ask Alexander account, you can dig through hundreds of thousands of scanned pages and create a personal bookshelf from the findings. All levels of membership also include the forthcoming two issues of Gibecière. This journal features eye-opening historical research, critical essays, and new translations of rare texts. It will turn you into a world-class scholar of magic history.Additionally, members have the chance to purchase new merchandise at special prices before it is offered to the public. Here are the benefits of being a Conjuring Arts member at the Charlier level:

CHARLIER – Only $95!

  • Bronze level Ask Alexander access (over 700,000 pages)
  • Two issues of Gibecière (Summer 2019 and Winter 2020)
  • Special prices on new merchandise
**Customers located in Germany sometimes have trouble with recurring charges, if you are in Germany and have trouble please contact us.**

Here are some of the wonderful contents available at the Bronze Ask Alexander access level*:

  • A.B.C. of Magic Sets
  • Abracadabra
  • Bat
  • Bibliographies
  • Billboard: Select Articles About Magic
  • Books- General
  • Card Culture
  • Chap’s Scrapbook
  • Clear the Decks
  • Conjurer [Australia and New Zealand]
  • Conjurer’s Monthly Magazine
  • Conjuror’s Magazine [William Locke]
  • CPCC Bulletin
  • Crest Magician
  • Dustbin Dossier
  • Early Works
  • Escamoteur
  • Gaming, Spanish
  • Gibecière
  • Gibecière Supplementary Material
  • Goldston’s Magical Quarterly
  • GRMT
  • Hugard’s Magic Monthly
  • Ibidem
  • Illusionista
  • Illusionniste
  • Jimmy Grippo Collection
  • Jinx
  • Johnson Smith Catalogs
  • Jon Racherbaumer
  • Journal of Magic Research
  • Journal of the Institute of Magicians
  • Journal of the Playing-Card Society
  • Kabbala
  • Linking Ring
  • M-U-M
  • Magic Circular
  • Magic Hands!
  • MAGIC Magazine (Stan Allen’s)
  • Magic Wand
  • Magic [Ellis Stanyon]
  • Magic, Inc.
  • Magical Bulletin
  • Magical Review
  • Magical World
  • Magicana
  • Magician Annual [Will Goldston]
  • Magician Monthly [Will Goldston]
  • Magician’s Oracle
  • Mahatma
  • Many Faces of Magic Photographs
  • McKinney Bankruptcy Papers
  • Miracle Factory
  • New Conjurors’ Magazine
  • New Jinx
  • New Tops
  • Opus
  • Oresto
  • Pabular
  • Perennial Mystics
  • Prestigiatore Moderno
  • Project MKUltra
  • Provenance Hunter
  • Public Domain
  • S.W. Erdnase
  • Seven Circles
  • Sign of exceptional magic
  • Sphinx
  • Swipe
  • Variety
  • Wizard [P.T. Selbit]
  • World’s Fair

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