Classic Collection Volume 4 by Harry Lorayne Text-Based PDF with Bookmarks


Omissions, Additions, Decisions, Revisions, Upgradings and Updatings for and of The Magic Books, Star Quality: The Magic of David Regal & The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel.


Text-based PDF with convenient bookmarks! Last Updated on 8-13-13

Lorayne: The Classic Collection 4: Omissions, Additions, Decisions, Revisions, Upgradings and Updatings for and of The Magic Book, Star Quality: The Magic of David Regal & The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel.

From the flaps: There’s a reason for the success of any HARRY LORAYNE book. In the magic world Harry Lorayne is considered to be the best writer/ teacher of, entertainer with, playing cards.

Mr. Lorayne’s exalted reputation began with Close-Up Card Magic (1962), which became an instant classic. That reputation grew in leaps and bounds with each succeeding book. What you have in your hands right now is his re-write, his additions, revisions, updating/ upgrading of more of his early classic books/ routines—THE MAGIC BOOK, STAR QUALITY (THE MAGIC OF DAVID REGAL), THE CARD CLASSICS OF KEN KRENZEL.
Here are a few, of so many, unsolicited testimonials:
I was cutting my teeth on Harry Lorayne’s THE MAGIC BOOK at 13 years of age. To this day, I value this book as the greatest introduction to pure magic (and sleight of hand) anyone could ever wish for. I saved my money to get his other books and I love them all. In my view, there is only one true legend…he resides on Jane St. in NYC. (Barry Allen; Essex, England)
Harry’s style is like no-one else’s. The late nights I spent with his books are among my fondest magic memories. Meeting Harry was a pleasure and having him write STAR QUALITY was a joy. He has given me, and so many others, the encouragement to learn and progress. His knowledge and talent amaze. (David Regal)
Harry is the catalyst who has spurred so many of us on to better thinking, better technique, better presentations, better magic! His writings consistently enrich us. Harry Lorayne has advanced magic, close-up magic in particular— his contributions to the art are monumental/staggering! Quite possibly the very best of all the marvelous writers in the annals of the art. (Tom Daugherty)
Harry, you set the bar for me in terms of what was possible and the standard to reach as far as excellence is concerned. (Michael Vincent)
…wonderful explanations by the man voted in the top 100 most influential magicians of the 20th century. Many would rank him in the top five. Harry Lorayne is smart, articulate, a master magician and teacher, creative and quick, and writes with clarity, brevity and wit. (Phil Pearce; 9-5-2011)
I would strongly suggest that you pause your DVDs and start some of the best reading you’ll ever do. Mr. Lorayne’s style of writing gives so much more understanding. (Billy-One, The Magic Cafe)
Lorayne is the greatest magic writer I’ve ever come across—don’t think I’ll ever find a better one. (Evan Bishop)
Harry Lorayne’s eye for solid material and his ability to write it in an understandable and learnable style is unsurpassed. (Brad Burt; 6-1- 2012)
Harry Lorayne’s influence on how effects are written is equivalent to Shakespeare’s influence on the theatre. (Gary Kosnitzky)
No writer of magic more gifted than Harry Lorayne. There are too many card gods to count but Mr. Lorayne is “Zeus atop Mount Olympus.” (Panlives)
Harry Lorayne revolutionized a new writing style for learning magic that has made a huge difference in helping readers do hands-on magic immediately. (Atom339; The Magic Cafe)
Probably more than anyone else in history Harry Lorayne has come up with thousands of entertaining card plots that he presents in his own remarkable style. No knuckle-busting sleights, just an opportunity to learn solid entertainment. (magicHart)
When I read your books I feel as if you’re sitting right next to me and I’m learning directly from you. It is a rarity to find books written that way. Your teachings will remain forever with me. From all of us who aspire for perfection, I thank you for your magical expertise. (Bill Bing)
Harry Lorayne IS card magic! (Chris Kavanagh)
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