Conjuring Arts Variety Box- Version B, Owl Eyes


1 Dozen Awesome Decks – Start Your Collection on a Fantastic Foundation. INSTANT World Class Collection!

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This collection is worth over $600 separately, that’s IF you can even find these decks. Now a very limited number of sets are available for $399 shipped in our exclusive Luxury Brick Box. Also be the first to get your hands on a George Hage Owl Eyes deck before they are released for individual sale!


1 deck each of:

  • Owl Eyes by George Hage (Pre-release!)
  • Jerry’s Nugget (very rare from the 1970s)
  • Shooting Star (1980s casino, rare!)
  • Special Edition Skull & Bones deck in all black box (never offered for individual sale)
  • Erdnase 1902 Red Acorn
  • Erdnase 1902 Green Acorn
  • Erdnase 1902 Blue Smith No. 2
  • Erdnase 1902 Red Smith
  • Erdnaseum
  • Global Titan
  • Pr1me No1r
  • Bicycle Tall Stacks (rare!)
All in a luxury card box!
The Owl Eyes deck is one for which Conjuring Arts will have an exclusive U.S. supply (not to be released until April). These decks are produced by our friend and cardman, George Hage. It’s available in 3 colors, one of which will be randomly chosen for each buyer of Variety Box Version B.


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