Dani DaOrtiz À La Carte November 19-20th 12PM EST NOON


Enroll today! Or not! It’s your life! 5 Hours Online with Dani DaOrtiz!

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“Simply super strong magic” – Juan Tamariz 


This is an online workshop which is live and in real time.

This workshop is hosted by Google Hangouts.

This is NOT prerecorded.

Interact & work on your magic with Dani DaOrtiz LIVE.

Dani DaOrtiz combines superb technique with crazy humour. At only 30 years of age he is another of the great card workers that Spain has given the world, magicians like Arturo de Ascanio, Pepe Carroll and Juan Tamariz. Dani regularly works on his world famous magic with first class artists such as Juan Escolano, Mago Migue, Juan Tamariz, Lennart Green, and David Blaine.
His magic is sometimes characterized as being unconventional and making much use of improvisation. It allows him to create incredibly dynamic routines that cater to those particular audiences in the specific environment in which he is working. 
He edits a magazine called El Manuscrito which he hopes will create a lasting legacy of interesting articles, studies, theories and of course techniques and tricks. He has authored four books on magic and edited three DVDs including Fat Brothers I and II.
Without reservation, we can call Dani DaOrtiz one of the greatest magicians of our time – and perhaps all time. Join Dani DaOrtiz in his new exclusive workshop at Conjuring Arts University. In À La Carte you will spend 5 hours with one of the masters of magic working on some of the most powerful techniques and routines in card magic.
As Dani would say: Enroll? Why? Why Not? It’s your life!


with Dani DaOrtiz

5 Hours Online with Dani

Orientation: TBA
Welcome to Conjuring Arts University

Workshop: Saturday, November 19th, 12PM EST Noon

Sunday, November 20th, 12PM EST Noon

Saturday & Sunday, November 19-20th at 12 PM EST

Classroom opens at 11:30 AM EST

Lesson runs from 12 to 2:30 PM EST

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Google is the platform Conjuring Arts University uses and each class will be held on Google Hangouts. Each student will receive a dedicated name@university.conjuringarts.org Gmail account and access to their online classroom at Google Classroom.

You can find out more about Google Hangouts here: https://hangouts.google.com/

And more about Google Classroom here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K26iyyQMp_g

It’s simple and easy:

  1. You’ll receive an invitation via Google Calendar to your email about one hour before class.

  2. You’ll click a link in the event description and fill in your name to join the Hangout.

You must also have a working webcam, microphone, and a table at which to sit during the lessons as well as all of the necessary materials.

For this course, you will need the following props:

– Close-up Pad or soft surface
– A deck of cards

This workshop has a maximum of 13 students. It will be conducted via the internet and all students will be able to see, speak with and demonstrate their work for Dani DaOrtiz. Each student will have personal feedback and instruction from Dani DaOrtiz.

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