Dingle’s Deceptions by Harry Lorayne PDF


Dingle’s Deceptions with Cards and Coins.


Dingle’s Deceptions provides a portrait of one of the great sleight-of-hand performers of the 1980’s. Derek Dingle created magic that was both technically challenging and uniquely powerful. Each creation in this book could immediately fit into the repertoire of a working close-up magician. Readers will learn “Color Triumphant” – a fantastic combination of Triumph with the Color Changing Deck; “Four Coins and Countin’ “- a handling of Bertram’s Coin Assembly with a kicker ending; “Open Sesame” – a flashy production of all four aces; and “the International Coins through the Table” – in which four different kinds of coins travel through a table. 

Dingle’s Deceptions has never before been offered as a PDF download. The Conjuring Arts Research Center is proud to have partnered up with Harry Lorayne to be the exclusive retailer of this exciting, new format.