Dozen Deck Discount Luxury Box


Select this specially priced product ONLY if you have purchased 12 decks of cards.

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*Please do not add this product to your cart if you have not purchased the requisite 12 decks per discounted box. If you purchase a luxury card box at this price without having ordered the necessary 12 decks/discounted box, we will cancel this portion of your order and refund the $9.99 minus processing fees.

Are you looking for something amazing and beautiful to hold your precious playing card collection? Conjuring Arts recognizes that the normal brick boxes that come when you buy a dozen decks of nice cards aren’t up to the quality of the cards they hold. Our solution is a heavy duty box that will hold a dozen or even 15 decks and not only keep them secure but also store them in great style. We’ve decorated both the lid and the inside of this 2 piece box with our signature playing card collage design. This design uses numerous back designs we’ve produced previously as well as designs that will come in the future.

These would also be a great way to wrap a gift other than cards. Just put the present inside, add some Conjuring Arts ribbon, and you are set to give!
We’ve produced only a small number of these and might not produce them again. Available in Red and Blue.
Only $9.99/box with the purchase of any dozen decks of Conjuring Arts cards. Please note, you are only eligible for one discounted box per dozen cards purchased.

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Weight 10 oz