Egyptian Legends – Black by Legends Playing Card Company


Limited Edition Egyptian Legends – Black deck. Only US supply exclusively at Conjuring Arts!

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A new design from the Legends Playing Card Co., Egyptian Legends feature an updated design and box that hold true to the high standard set by the previous iterations.

The Egyptian Legends were designed by the supremely talented Mark Stutzman, the artist responsible for many of David Blaine’s decks and posters, as well as Chris Chelko’s Whispering Imps and Conjuring Arts’ Ask Alexander deck. The back design is elegant and the Egyptian motif lends itself to a number of presentational possibilities, as well as incorporating some clever systems that may subtly assist the magician in some of his endeavors. Additionally two of the decks have two color printing (Blue/Silver and Black/Gold) on the backs.
The box features a die cut center piece that showcases a little bit of the back design, gold foil inside and out, and 3D embossing. Used cleverly, the foil and/or the die cut could provide some opportunities for glimpsing cards.
Available in Blue, Black, and Red, we are offering special discounts when purchased as a trio, a six pack, or a dozen (4 of each color). Look for these special deals on our site.

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