Exquisite Fortuna


3 Hand Stamped Hot Foils on Each Card Back. The Only Deck of Its Kind Ever Made.

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We had a really crazy idea a few years ago, what if we could do several hot stamped foils on the backs of cars? We know that Lotrek is doing amazing work in this field but we wanted to do something like this on a production level with playing card stock and casino grade edges.

We asked Giovanni Meroni to do a design that would work with three foils and he knocked it out of the park. He used our Exquisite brand and sideways tuck and made a stunning and unique design for this great experiment.

After a ton of research (and many failures) we finally decided that we could only do it if we stamped each and every card with the foils one by one. That means that each card was hand stamped 3 times! Then once that was done (and each card perfect) we needed to coat the cards and pack them! We did that card by card and deck by deck too. This crazy deck is limited to 500 and we have decided to release them only here and there. Today we are offering only 100 of these unique hand made decks. Get one now or you may have to wait a lifetime for another chance.

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Weight 4 oz