Gibecière 19, Winter 2015, Vol. 10, No. 1


Issue 19 of our Flagship Journal.

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Our amazing 10th Anniversary issue includes:

The 52 Wonders
by C.H. Wilson, discovered and introduced by Tyler WilsonThe professional magician and researcher of conjuring history, Tyler Wilson, has discovered a rare and virtually unknown booklet on card magic from 1877. Its contents would seem to necessitate a reassessment of the legacy of S.W. Erdnase. Given the importance of this work, we have reproduced it in its entirety, and Tyler Wilson provides the revealing introduction. Even if you are not a Conjuring Arts member you can download this article now free.
The Legend of Donba-jutsu
by Mitsunobu Matsuyama

In the winter of 2009, our friend and frequent contributor Mitsunobu Matsuyama gave a brief account ofa bizarre feat, known only in Japan, in which the magician visibly swallows a live horse. Legend reports this trick was performed by a conjurer namedChōjiro Shioya sometime from 1688 to 1704. We asked Mr. Matsuyama if he couldelaborate on this unique effect, and he responded with an article that provides the full history and proposed method of the trick and his thoughtful and thorough refutation of that method, arguing that the trick was likely confabulated from Japanese folk tales.(Our embossed cover takes its theme from this article).
Conjurers Around the Mediterranean Basin
by Pierre TailleferHave you ever wondered what we know of the Western conjurers of antiquity and what they performed? French scholar Pierre Taillefer has contributed a handsomely researched article that addresses just that question. The short answer is: not a lot. However, what little is known is fascinating. Taillefer organizes all of the available information, along with an analysis of how conjurers were perceived and received during the early Middle Ages and prior.
Jehan Dalmu
by Pierre TailleferMr. Taillefer follows his study of “Conjurers Around the Mediterranean Basin” with a short article that increases our knowledge of one of conjuring’s oldest known past masters: the Sixteenth Century Spanish magician Jehan Dalmau. Dalmau’s reputation as an exceptionally accomplished card conjurer is clearly evident in the scant mentions of his performances given by Girolamo, Cardano, Aretino and others of the period. Taillefer has turned up a new chapter in the career of this important figure in conjuring.


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