Gibecière 25, Winter 2018, Vol. 13, No. 1


Issue 25 of our Flagship Journal.

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Gibecière 25, Winter 2018, Vol. 13, No. 1



Pinetti: New Discoveries, Part 1 by Frederic Tabet and Pierre Taillefer

Friedrich Joseph Muller by Magic Christian

Tracking Slum Magic to It’s Lair by Max Maven

Magic of the Pont Neuf

We are thrilled to present issue 25 of Gibecière. Pierre Taillefer, Frederic Tabet and Francois Bost introduce Vol. 13 by sharing exciting, new discoveries on the life and career of the prominent 18th-century performer, Giuseppe Pinetti. The mysteries continue to unfold with an exploration of the almost entirely-unrecorded accomplishments of Friedrich Joseph Muller by Magic Christian and the newest installment in the series, “Tracking Slum Magic to It’s Lair” by Max Maven. The inventor of what may well be the best-selling dealers’ item of all time is finally revealed! The issue concludes with a rare presentation of the opening section of La magie du Pont Neuf, a notable and interesting manuscript written in the mid-1600’s. Readers will also catch a glimpse of what a gibecière looked like in the 1600’s. Vol. 13, No. 1 is packed with never-before-seen points of interest for any student of conjuring history.

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