International Cardistry Open (ICO) 2016 – Official Deck


Official ICO 2016 Deck – Built for Cardistry

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Special thanks to Kardify ( and Anthony Ingrassia (@sparkzphoto) for the excellent images and description of this marvelous deck! The finish of this deck is brand new and custom calibrated for use in cardistry, so new in fact that it does not even have a name yet!



In conjunction with Season 3 of the International Cardistry Open (ICO) this year, Expert Playing Card Co. and Kardify are releasing a commemorative ICO deck to celebrate the tournament’s third year of existence. This bold and eye-catching deck has been meticulously designed by artist Brendan Hong, who is well known for the gorgeous Hive and Dynasty Playing Cards.

The ICO deck has been crafted with cardists in mind, embracing the movement and beauty of motion of each card in the deck. On the design of the ICO deck, Brendan explained,

The back design for the ICO deck started with a very simple idea to have a diagonal line as a very prominent part of the design. A lot of playing card back designs tend to be very much designed around a quadrilateral symmetry and that works well, but sometimes it’s interesting to take a challenge to try something different. It started with that line and the goal to design a deck that cardist would want to use. The latter part is a tough idea to work with as there are quite a few decks out that work really well with cardistry from really simple designs to very complex one. I think the most important thing out of all those designs was how the card design moved in motion whether it’s a single card or a few cards or the whole deck. Regardless of what the design was, it moved and looked beautiful in motion.

The dynamic back design visually accentuates card flourishes and displays, making fans, spins and cascades look incredible. Brendan added,

The last and important part of it all was colours. Colour is so simple to write off, but it plays such an important part in the overall design; having the right colours could make or break a design. This back design was very much a collaborative effort and there was a lot of back and forth with the team at Kardify and myself about what colours we should use. Once we hit upon the 4 colours we had for the back, we all knew it was the right one: something that looked good and something very unique.

Together with the bold and eye-catching colourway, the ICO deck commands attention while striking a balance between style and functionality. Neatly packaged in a durable synthetic tuck, the deck is crafted by Expert Playing Card Co.

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