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$1499.00 for Charlier Membership + all 35 published Gibecières from the first issue to our latest issue, and then the next 2 issues as they are published every January 15 and July 15, postpaid! That’s 35 issues + 2 issues forthcoming = 37 issues!  The Bundle includes the fantastic Summer 2007 2(2), which holds the amazing translation of Galasso’s Giochi di Carte Bellissimi di Regola.  All of our groundbreaking, original research, which totals now over 4300 pages and more to come from authors including Juan Tamariz, Ricky Jay, Mike Caveney, Vanni Bossi, Volker Huber and many others. We believe that our journal, edited by Stephen Minch, now sets the standard for Magic research. This is such a great deal. Some issues are almost sold out, so these sets are very limited and won’t be available for long.

  • This package includes Bronze Level (500,000 pages) Access to Ask Alexander for 1 year, plus your back issue Bundle is at a super-low Membership discount.  And More to Come – you’ll get the next two Gibecières, 16(2) and 17(1) during your Membership Year!  That’s 37 Gibecières + Bronze Alex access for a whole year!

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