Learn to Tear a Deck in Two! Standard Edition $29.99 postpaid in the US!


This kit teaches the method and comes with an amazing new rubber deck with which to practice and perfect your technique without spending a fortune on cards!

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Dennis Rogers, the world’s strongest man teaches you how to tear a deck of cards.
Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers developed this effective trainer in an effort to help his students train their grip for card tearing while reducing the expense associated with practicing with actual decks of cards. Until now, the only way to train to accomplish this famous oldetime feat of grip strength was to literally buy cards by the dozens. Ugly Rubber however cut the costs of training with actual card decks down by as much as 70%.
The Ugly Rubber Standard Exerciser is for the individual desiring to learn to tear a deck of cards, and for the experienced ripper wishing to maintain his/her card tearing abilities. Our Standard Exerciser allows you to accurately simulate the technique required to start a tear in a deck, and is the perfect strengthener and conditioner to toughen the skin and grip.
Included are:
Instructions on Dennis Rogers method on tearing a deck of cards.
The Ugly Rubber
Instructions on caring for and training with the Ugly Rubber
It all comes packaged in a beautiful custom canvas bag.

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