Matte Carbon Clip V3.0! Only $99 postpd worldwide.


This amazing clip weighs practically nothing and yet is incredibly strong!

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Only $99 Postpaid Worldwide!
**We only have a limited quantity of these available at this time. Act fast if you want one.**

A matte, smooth clip with a wide carbon fiber weave. It weighs only 1 oz (27 grams)!


Light as a feather and stronger than steel, Expert Playing Card Co. (EPCC) worked closely with Lawrence Sullivan to update our Carbon Fiber Card Clip. This beautiful clip is strong, stylish and really rare. We only have a few and are not sure if we will ever get more.
Each Carbon V3.0 Clip comes complete with a custom EPCC Clip Jacket to store and protect your Carbon V3.0 Clip. These are also available separately: EPCC Clip Jacket