Mixed Brick Special Offer!


A sampling of a number of our various decks!

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We have decided to make a special offer for those of you that are interested in trying out a variety of our playing cards! Each Mixed Brick contains:

  • 2 Professional Bicycle, Air-Cushion
  • 2 Professional Bicycle, Ivory
  • 2 Erdnase 1902 Black Acorn, Cambric
  • 2 Erdnase 1902 Black Acorn, Ivory
  • 2 Ask Alexander, Cambric
  • 2 Ask Alexander, Ivory

That’s 12 decks! Two of each deck gives you the opportunity to use one and keep the other for your collection! Remember the Ask Alexander deck has many built in secret features for you to locate and the Professional Bicycle comes with THREE built in reveals. All this for only (prices include postage):

  • Members: $44.99 (US); $58.99 (Canada & Mexico); $71.99 (Overseas)*
  • Non-Members: $54.99 (US); $68.99 (Canada & Mexico); $81.99(Overseas)*
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