My Personal Stack by Dani DaOrtiz PDF


Dani DaOrtiz’s work on Stacked Decks.


This is a pre-arranged deck devised by Dani that has many excellent features, allowing you to perform card locations, spelling tricks, matching routines, poker demonstrations, and much, much more. Everything is explained, from getting into the stack from new deck order, to understanding the subtleties of the stack, and the various effects mentioned above.

Those who have used it agree that it’s one of the easiest and potent stacks in the world of stacked decks. A work of over 10 years that finally is seeing light in this book.
New properties and deep study about the DaOrtiz stack. Divination, coincidences, exhibitions of skill; all in 134 pages complete with photographs.
But what properties comprise the DaOrtiz stack? In addition to the properties of all stacks, like how to find and control cards, this stack supports the abilities to:
Get to stack from a new deck
Show it to the spectators
Ability to move to red-black alternating order
Ability to group the suits
Creation of excellent poker hands
Spelling tricks
Specific location of the most named cards
Return to new deck order
Creation of a mirror deck (by suits)
Creation of a mirror deck (without suit separation)
And much more…