NEW! Assorted 9 Pack of Uncut Sheets!


9 Pack of Assorted Uncut Sheets…Many Unreleased!

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A great opportunity! Get 9 of our uncut sheets of playing cards, some unreleased, for a paltry $99! These make great display pieces, collecting autographs, and, for the more nefarious, they can be cut out in weird ways to accomplish a variety of creative ends. These would sell for much more individually and take a long time to collect, but we have them all here and at a great discount, while supplies last!

  1. Erdnase 1902 Black Acorn
  2. Erdnase 1902 Green Acorn Special 
  3. Professional Bicycle
  4. Ask Alexander
  5. Erdnaseum
  6. Exquisite Bold
  7. Smith No. 3
  8. Smith No. 2 Blue
  9. Zen (Exclusive never-for-sale deck!)
They will come packaged in a very sturdy poster tube.