NOC v3se


Minimally designed playing cards in 5 vibrant colors!

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Although it won’t show up until you view your cart, purchasing 6-11 decks will be discounted at 5% and purchases of 12 decks or more will get 10% off! No matter which colors you choose!*

NOC is one of the most popular brands of cards in modern history. This release features the same great cards as the last printing of V3 but exclusively for Conjuring Arts the Expert Playing Card Co has added it’s beautiful seal and has also made the tuck out of playing card stock! This is another industry first.

As always the retail price ofNOCs is only $4.95 a deck but if you buy 6 you save and if you buy 12 you get even more savings.

Bold, simple, and elegant. Perfect for any application.

Available in 5 striking colors – Collect them all!

Whether you’re into a weekly poker game, performing magic tricks, cardistry, or collecting, the NOC deck is a perfect option. The NOC v3s deck is available in 5 vibrant colors to match any mood, wardrobe, or style.

*We only have a limited quantity of each color and our shopping cart cannot keep track of the colors available, so act quickly to make sure that your color is available, and we apologize and will make a refund if we are unable to fulfill your order. Thanks!

**Yellow is SOLD OUT.


Master – Very thin and very firm. This stock is the most like Jerry’s Nugget that we have been able to get. The choice of many of the masters. Semi-smooth but does have a subtle embossing pattern.

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Weight 4 oz