Pack Jacket by EPCC as low as $2.99 each


From the Expert Playing Card Company, the sturdy and beautiful Pack Jacket! Protect your deck in style. *As low as $2.99 each when you buy 10 in the U.S.

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The Expert Playing Card Company brings you an inexpensive yet elegant way to protect your valuable card collection!

Our first generation Pack Jacket is a super-sized, sturdy case that encloses and protects your deck. Whether on your collection shelf or in your backpack or pocket, our Pack Jacket will save your tuck case. Made of sturdy card, beautifully printed inside and out and stamped with foil, this classy accessory makes a statement. We have even attached a strong elastic to ensure your deck stays put.

We have also come up with a very nice pricing plan that allows you to buy 5 jackets and save a great deal of money.

All Pack Jacket release one are the same deep brown color but we have stamped the exterior in 5 distinct metallic colors: Black, Silver, Gold, [Black Silver and Gold are sold out] Red and Blue. Please let us know what color(s) you want with your order. If you do not select a color, we will give you a good mix.


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Weight 3 oz