PAST SESSION – Everyday Wonders taught by Michael Weber – April 16, 23, 30th Saturdays at 1:00 PM EDT


Three 50-minute classes. This course will provide both the novice and the professional with a collection of effects, methods and strategies which can be improvised in a variety of settings.

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Michael Weber is a walking Swiss Army Knife.” – Scientific American Magazine


For more than two decades Michael Weber has been creating and performing his own remarkable style of entertainment. He has demonstrated his amazing abilities throughout the world. His style and originality have made him the personal performer of choice for celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Frank Sinatra, Steven Spielberg and Johnny Carson for their own private events. His presentations reach every member of the audience from a one-on-one demonstration for the President of the United States to Amphitheater shows for over 7,500 people.
Michael Weber co-founded Deceptive Practices, which provides the entertainment industry with Arcane Knowledge On A Need-To Know Basis. As an independent consultant, Michael Weber designs, creates, and performs startling effects for film, theater and television productions.


Want to be able to perform great impromptu magic anywhere, anytime?

The professional magician may elect to restrict his performances to specific settings: On a stage in a formal theater, standing in a living room or parlor, seated at a table with no one behind him. Almost every magician, whether professional or amateur, encounters situations where the desire to create a moment of magic outweighs the facts that he does not have all his materials with him and he is not in the perfect setting in which to perform.

It is because of this that the prepared magician often develops a few mysteries which can be presented with found or borrowed materials for precisely these kinds of occasions.

This course of three fifty-minute sessions will provide both the novice and the professional with a collection of effects, methods and strategies which can be improvised in a variety of settings. The goal is to analyze and develop an understanding of the available choices and to acquire a collection of tools and approaches to make the best use of these performance opportunities.


This is live and in real time filled with interaction and not a series of videos.


Enroll in Everyday Wonders to always be ready to perform strong magic!


Everyday Wonders

With Michael Weber

Consists of Three

One Hour Classes

In which you will learn:

* Techniques

* Tricks

* Performance & Presentational Skills

* Audience Management

* Trick, Routine & Program Construction

* Outs & Precautions

* Theory & History

Orientation: Date and Time To Be Announced
Welcome to Conjuring Arts University
Learn about the University and meet your classmates.
Session One: April 16th
Session Two: April 23rd
Session Three: April 30th

Saturdays at 1 PM EST

Classroom opens at 12:30 PM EST

Lesson runs from 1 PM to 2 PM EST

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Google is the platform Conjuring Arts University uses and each class will be held on Google Hangouts. Each student will receive a dedicated Gmail account and access to their online classroom at Google Classroom.

You can find out more about Google Hangouts here:

And more about Google Classroom here:


It’s simple and easy:


  1. You’ll receive an invitation via Google Calendar to your email about one hour before class.

  2. You’ll click a link in the event description and fill in your name to join the Hangout.


You must also have a working webcam, microphone, and a table at which to sit during the lessons as well as all of the necessary materials.


For this course, you will need the following:


  • Common objects


This course has a maximum of 10 students. It will be conducted via the internet and all students will be able to see, speak with and demonstrate their work for Mr. Weber. Each student will have personal feedback and instruction from Mr. Weber.