PAST SESSION – Personalizing Classics taught by Eric Mead – May 9th and 16th at 3 PM EDT


Two 1-hour sessions. Unlock the secrets of culling material from your own library, of taking “standard effects” and transforming them into personalized signature pieces of magic.

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“It doesn’t matter how many times I see you. Again and again you’re amazing!”

-Jeff Bezos, Founder/CEO of on Eric Mead

Eric Mead is a prolific magician, mentalist and comedian who worked his way up from doing magic on the street to appearing at exclusive events around the world.

As a child, Eric Mead says that he had a typical interest in magic. However, by the time he was a teenager, his interest had grown to a full-fledged obsession — he was getting paid to do birthday parties and banquets in his hometown. He began street performing in 1985 and four years later was offered a job as “Magic Bartender” at the Tower Comedy/Magic Bar owned by John Denver. Working at the bar, as well as private parties and comedy clubs, he became well-known in the industry and went on to perform one of the most memorable pieces in The Aristocrats.

Eric Mead is well-known in the magic world as being one of the best teachers, creators, and performers of close-up magic alive today. He is the author of Tangled Web, a collection of magic and mentalism taken from his personal repertoire.

Magic Designed by You, for You.

Would you like to perform classic magic effects that look entirely unique to you?

Then Eric Mead’s new course, Personalizing Classics is just for you!

Eric Mead on Personalizing Classics:

“Being creative in the art of magic doesn’t necessarily mean inventing new effects or new methods from scratch. In fact, many of our most celebrated performing artists based their acts and careers on well known or classic material. Why does one magician’s performance of a classic routine seem hackneyed and stale, while another can make the same basic routine seem fresh and miraculous? In these extraordinary sessions, we will unlock the secrets of culling material from your own library, of taking “standard effects” and transforming them into personalized signature pieces of magic.”

This is live and in real time filled with interaction and not a series of videos.

Enroll in Personalized Classics and Adapt Masterpieces of Magic to Suit You!

Eric Mead on Personalized Classics

Consists of Two One-Hour Classes

In which you will learn:

* Techniques

* Tricks

* Performance & Presentational Skills

* Audience Management

* Trick, Routine & Program Construction

* Outs & Precautions

* Theory & History

Orientation: Date and Time To Be Announced

Welcome to Conjuring Arts University
Learn about the university and meet your classmates.

Session One: May 9, 2016
Evolution of Aces

Our first session begins with the Stanley Collins Ace Trick, moves through Fechter’s ingenious variant, finally exploring the evolution of these into Mead’s masterful interpretation of Spectator Locates the Aces. Along the way Mead will introduce some of the important skills and “state of mind” needed for looking at known material with fresh eyes.

Session Two: May 16, 2016

The transposition of coins while tightly held in a spectator’s hand is one of the strongest effects possible in close up magic. By comparing many approaches developed by some of magic’s most important thinkers, we’ll see how personal style emerges out of the choices we make concerning methods and aesthetics of the effect. In a very real way, our point of view, our artistry, and our unique style begins by developing our specific tastes, and making conscious choices.

Mondays at 3 PM EST

Classroom opens at 2:30 PM EST for students to converse and session.

Lesson runs from 3 PM to 4 PM EST

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Google is the platform Conjuring Arts University uses and each class will be held on Google Hangouts. Each student will receive a dedicated Gmail account and access to their online classroom at Google Classroom.

You can find out more about Google Hangouts here:

And more about Google Classroom here:

It’s simple and easy:

  1. You’ll receive an invitation via Google Calendar to your email about one hour before class.

  2. You’ll click a link in the event description and fill in your name to join the Hangout.

You must also have a working webcam, microphone, and a table at which to sit during the lessons as well as all of the necessary materials.

For this course, you will need the following props:

  • Close-up Pad or soft surface

  • Deck of cards

  • Two matching silver coins, and two matching copper coins, approximately the same size in diameter. (Half dollars and English Pennies, for example.) Could be silver dollar size, half dollar size, or even quarter size. The size doesn’t matter to, but should be whatever size you feels most comfortable palming. 

This course has a maximum of 10 students. It will be conducted via the internet and all students will be able to see, speak with and demonstrate their work for Mr. Mead. Each student will have personal feedback and instruction from Mr. Mead.