PDF – A Magician in the House by Sid Lorraine


A complete comedy-magic act, explained by an experienced performer.


The cover page for this “magical monologue” promises “a complete act with special effects, tricks, laughs and surprises,” and who better to write and illustrate such a project than Sid Lorraine, the man who invented the Slop Shuffle, wrote a number of excellent magic books and provided illustrations for seminal works of magic literature? A Magician in the House is a single narrative that builds to create a thoroughly entertaining story, interspersed with plenty of laughs and magical moments. The emphasis here is on fun rather than amazement, but a number of effects help the plot along, and all are explained in full — from a vanishing knot to a poker deal and a necklace production. What sets this book apart, though, is the patter provided and the author’s explanations of why he has chosen the gags and structure he uses. A fascinating look at a way of presenting magic that is seldom seen but always proves a winner with audiences.

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