PDF – Classic Magic Index (Classic Magic series, vol. 7) by Robert J. Albo



Conjuring Arts and the Albo family proudly and exclusively offer Dr. Albo’s “Classic Magic” collection in PDF format!

A selection of the greatest prop-based magic ever put in print.

“These marvelous books by Dr. Robert Albo are a real treasure for all lovers of the art.” So says Dai Vernon in his foreword to this continuation of Dr. Albo’s great literary legacy.

The first chapter of Classic Magic Index incorporates a wealth of photographs as it explores the life and work of master prop maker Jon Martin, who produced pieces for the likes of Lewis Davenport, Cecil Lyle and Cardini. Next comes a detailed look at effects with parasols and canes, but close-up workers are not neglected—the following chapter, on pocket tricks, is sure to interest anyone who enjoys astonishing audiences at close quarters. The fourth chapter is devoted to stage illusions, and covers everything from the Doll’s House to the De Kolta Chair, Phantom Cage and Sword Cabinet. “Odd and Ends” round out Dr. Albo’s lavishly illustrated explanations, in a section that includes audience favorites like Flags of All Nations, Grandmother’s Necklace, and the Rice Bowls. The text concludes with a look at magicians’ tokens, full-color reproductions of props and performers’ letterheads, and an index of props, accompanied by details about their manufacturers.

277 pages. Fully searchable text with extensive illustrations.

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Full contents:

—Table of Contents
—Foreword by Dai Vernon
—Introduction by Eric C. Lewis
—Chapter One—The Magic of Jon Martin:
Rapping Hand
—Chapter Two—Parasols and Canes:
Mutilated Parasol
Dancing Cane
Cane to Table
Magic Canes
The Color-Changing Canes
Cane to Flower Bouquet
Handkerchief off the Cane
—Chapter Three—Micro Magic:
Dizzy Dominoes
The Mummy
Dice Shocker
Cork Through the Card
Penetration of a Pencil by a Playing Card
Computer Trick
Elevator Die
Uncanny Die Box
Miracle Die and Box
Mental Bars
Mental Boxes
ESP Chips
Triple Mental Miracle
Mental Dominoes
Figures of Foo
Tiny Cycletron
Cigarette Cutter
A Die of Beauty
Paddle Trick
Button, Button, Who Sewed the Button?
Telltale Colored Sticks
Spectral Die
Chinatown Chinese-Coin Routine
—Chapter Four—Illusions:
Crystal-Box Illusion
Costume Trunk
The Goddess and the Reptile
Double-Box Illusion
Improved Noah’s Ark
Artists Dream (Fame of Life)
Shadow Box
Doll House
Girl in the Drum
The Phantom-Cage Illusion
Crushing Illusion
Sword Cabinet
Sawing a Woman in Half
Pillars of Doom
Mismade Lady
Aga, or Floating Lady
Stretching a Lady
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Shooting a Lady from the Cannon
Mummy Cabinet
—Chapter Five—Odds and Ends:
Hunted Hut of Madagaskia
Cone Vanish
Golden Apple
Mysterious Card Tower
Glass of Liquid Vanish
Broken-and-Restored Plate
Silks from the Flame
Peerless Block Mystery 109
Visible Cut-and-Restored Ribbon
Prediction Chest
Thimble Stand
Thimble Whiz
Voodoo Cushion
Target to Fan
Flag of all Nations
Broken-and-Restored Fan
Fan of All Seasons
Cake in the Hat (Omelet Pan)
Donald Holmes Cookie Pan
Rainbow Billiard Ball
Pono Chinko
Grandmother’s Necklace
Tibetan Beads
On Target (Or Flying Missiles)
Crystal Caskets
Balls in the Caskets
Thumb Tip
Cut and Restored Rope
Cigarette Magic with Apparatus
Swami Writer
New Orange and Lemon Mystery
Flower Production Trays
Handkerchief and Iron Effect
The Skittle Vanish
The Passe-Passe Ink Bottles
The Card Production in Vase of Flowers
The Mystic Vase
Flower Bouquets from Foulard
The Magic Bloom
Cut and Restored Turban (Ribbon)
Brema Rice Bowls
Square Circle
Egg Bag
—Chapter Six—Color-Section Index
—Chapter Seven—Classic Magic Index