PDF – Final Classic Magic with Apparatus (Classic Magic series, vol. 6) by Robert J. Albo



Conjuring Arts and the Albo family proudly and exclusively offer Dr. Albo’s “Classic Magic” collection in PDF format!

The definitive guide to the greatest prop-based magic ever created—further effects!

“There is still so very much to learn about magic” writes Dr. Robert J. Albo at the start of this magnificent volume. One of the best ways for readers to increase their magical knowledge, however, is to study this book.

Final Classic Magic with Apparatus offers a wealth of inspiring material for stage performers. Whether you want to study how masters like Kellar and Houdini made flowers appear onstage, or simply want to add new material straight into your act, this book has it all. Dr. Albo begins with a lengthy chapter on magic with flowers, before shifting his focus to silks and flags. Effects with bottles follow, before routines with lamps and radios, guns and rifles, tubes and vases, rings and livestock are explored in detail, with a separate chapter devoted to each category, while a concluding section covers miscellaneous tricks and props including the Baffo Box, Candle Tube, Color-Changing Die, and more.

Dr. Albo’s explanations are clear and comprehensive, and accompanied by detailed illustrations. His sources are the props that formed his own extensive collection, as well as items he found in the collections of his magical confrères. Choice pieces from the finest prop manufacturers in North America and Europe are illustrated in full color at the end of the volume.

424 pages. Fully searchable text with extensive illustrations.

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Full contents:

—Table of Contents
—Chapter One—Flowers”
Schlosser Flower Production
Square-Circle Flower Production
Double Botania
Rose Bush Square-Circle Production
Mystic Cannister
Production of Large Metal Pot of Flowers
Marvelous Flower Production
Bouquet from the Paper Tube
Expanding Flower to Watch
Cannister Flower Production
Flower Production
Match to Flower
Flower in the Lapel
Blooming Rose Bush
Okito Double-Tube Production
Germain Flower Growth
Blooming Bouquet
Fairy Flower Stand
Card-to-Flower Box
Rose Bush Production
Kellar Flower Production
Triple Floral Cylinders
L & W Flower Box
Fastest Flower Vanish
Houdini Flower-Growth Production
—Chapter Two—Silks and Flags:
Cut and Restored Necktie
Vanishing Silk Glass
Canister Silk Vanish
Oriental Tubes of Mystery
Flash Handkerchief Production
Silk in the Glass
Drumhead Tube
Tambourine Silk Production
Tip-Over Box
Silken Tube
Silk Pedestal
Mirror Casket
Melting Pot
Ink Bottle and Potato Mystery
Silk Vanish Tube
Silk Plate
Goblin Tube
Germain Silk Canisters
Phantom Tube
Drop-Side Production Cabinet
Folding Production Box
Sympathetic-Silk Stand
Haenchen Production Box
Modern One-Hand Silk Production
Genie Tube
One-Hand Production
Production Cylinder
Handkerchief Box
Mirror Glass for Silks
Cut-and-Restored Handkerchief
Dream Tube
Enchanted Die Tube
Tube Silk Production
Handkerchief Box
Twentieth-Century Silks
Fall-Away Box
Silk Cabby
Solid Through Solid
Silk Vanishing Wand
Novel Silk-Production Box
Memorial-Flag Production
Mignon Production
Extraordinary Silk Production
Passe-Passe Silk
Impossible 20th -Century Silks
Handkerchief Cassette Vanish
—Chapter Three—Bottles:
Champagne Bottle to Bouquet of Flowers
Bottle Production
Coin in the Bottle
Thread-and-Liquid Bottle
Wine Box
Rat Bottle
Thayer Bottle Vanish
Any-Liquid-Called-For Bottle
Topsy-Turvy Bottle
Bottle to Flowers
Bottle to Doll
Passe-Passe Bottles
Multiplying Bottles
Bewildering Bottles
—Chapter Four—Lamps and Radios:
Silk in the Lightbulb
Vanishing Lamp on the Pole
Lamp Vanish and Production
Vanishing Lamp
Vanishing Radio
Vanishing Radio on Tray
Vanishing/Reappearing Lamp
Vanishing Gramophone
Vanishing Lamp
—Chapter Five—Guns and Rifles:
Shooting a Ribbon Through a Woman
Shooting Through a Woman
—Chapter Six—Covers, Tubes and Vases:
Magic Covers
Eggs of Columbus
Beans to Rice
Transposition of the Balls
Mystic Glass Cylinders
Ball Tube
Mysterious Glass Cylinder
Vanishing Handkerchief
Tubes and Vases
Coffee Vase
Liquid to Silks
Glass of Liquid to Wine Glass
—Chapter Seven—Rings:
Ring to Finger
Ring on Wand
Ring in the Key Case
Ring on Rod
Ring on the Ribbon
Rod, Ring and Cabinet
Ring on Rod
Linking Rings
Ring on Ribbon
—Chapter Eight—Production Items
—Chapter Nine—Livestock:
Duck Tub
Producing a Rabbit from a Hat
Nightclub Dove Production
Balloon to Dove
Haunted Bird-Chest Transposition
Dove Vanish and Reproduction
Sucker Dove Vanish
Thayer Mew Way Production
Changing Rabbit
Duck Vanish
L & W Production Box
Flip-Over Vanish
Tube of Peace
Dove Pan
Card to Canary
Cupid’s Doves
Tri-Color Boxes in Mysterious Flight
Mystic Hindoo Tub
Confetti, Water and Doves
Canary Production
Bran and Birds
Kettle, Dove Production
Dell O’Dell Rabbit Production
Haenchen’s Die and Bird Cage
Exchange Dove Canisters
Take-Apart Dove Vanish
Visible Rabbit Vanish
Rabbit Production
Canary Plug Box
Production Screen
Welsh Rarebit Pan
Rabbit Box
—Chapter Ten—Final Addition:
Multicolored Changing Plumes
Merry Mix-Up
Die Through the Hat
Flame Go
Card on the Candle
Fan Card Production
Plate on the Ribbon
Vanishing Die Box
Baffo Box
Appearing Block
Vanishing-Deck-of-Cards Wand
Magic Chest
Triple-Cage Cannister
Color-Changing Die
Marvelous Picture Frame
Candle Tube
Horn of Plenty
Triple Die Box
Magic Telescope
Magician’s Trick Coins
—Chapter Eleven—Color Section