PDF – Further Classic Magic with Apparatus (Classic Magic series, vol. 4) by Robert J. Albo



Conjuring Arts and the Albo family proudly and exclusively offer Dr. Albo’s “Classic Magic” collection in PDF format!

The definitive guide to the greatest prop-based magic ever created—the next essential volume!

“I feel very strongly that magic is an art form” declares Dr. Robert J. Albo, at the outset of this vast continuation of one of the greatest contributions to magic literature in English. This volume certainly boasts artistic insight from the first page to the last.

Further Classic Magic with Apparatus begins with a study of the Okito’s act, moving from an extensive discussion of this great magician’s magical stagecraft to clear explanations of some of his finest stage effects. Next comes a look at tricks with rice and confetti, with twenty props and routines explained in full, followed by an extensive examination of effects that use balls, bells and eggs, among them the Ball Vase, the Color-Changing Billiard Balls, an fun egg-to-dove sequence and the Ball Through Glass. The concluding “Additions” section of this volume sees Dr. Albo offer a wealth of explanations (accompanied by illustrations galore, as ever) covering effects that range from the Rising Cards to the Die Box, via Card in Balloon, the Birth of Flora, and the Cut-and-Restored Necklace.

A fine addition to a remarkable series of books.

360 pages. Fully searchable text with extensive illustrations.

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Full contents:

—Table of Contents
—Foreword by Robert J. Albo
—Chapter One—Magic Collectors
—Chapter Two—The Okito Show:
The Bowl of Confetti to Water (Gobi Bowl)
The Tray and Silks
“Where Do the Ducks Go?”
“Where Do the Ducks Come From?”
The Couch Illusion
Addendum to the Duck Production
—Chapter Three—Rice and Confetti:
Rice Vase
Bottle to Rice
Rice Vase (Gaughan)
Wand to Rice
The Rice and Orange Trick
Rice Bowls
Rice-Vanish Chest
Checker Cabinet
Hughes Cabinet
Confetti Class
Bran Vases
Confetti Vase to Blooming Flowers
Sand Cannisters
Water to Confetti
Confetti Cup
Coffee, Cream and Sugar Trick
Coffee and Milk Cups
Rice Bell
The Confetti Plates
Vase, Cone, Beans and Orange Trick
Cones and Skittles
The Rice-and-Liquid Combination
Confetti and Dove Bowls
(Klingl) Rice Vanish Can
The Rice Tubes (Klingl)
—Chapter Four—Balls, Bells and Eggs:
Ball Vases
The Marble Vase
Orange Vase
Color-Changing-Ball Vases
Morrison Ball Vase
Cannon Ball Vase
Ball Cup
Ball and Cone
Ballot-Box Mystery
The Saturn Ball
The Ball Tube
Multiplying Balls
The Ball on the Wand
Patriotic Billiard Balls
Billiard-Ball Wands
Balancing Billiard Balls on a Wand
Rising Ball
The Croquet Trick
The Mysterious Balls and Tube
The Transposition-Ball Effect and the Perfection Color-Changing Billiard Balls
Billiard-Ball Vanish Box
The Goldston Billiard-Ball Stand
Cups and Balls
The Ring on the Rod
Billiard-Ball Stands
Egg Vases
The Egg and Ring Cup
The Egg Cup
The Chosen Card in the Egg
The Handkerchief to Egg
The Egg to Dove
Confetti to Egg
The Egg and Dove Production
The Hot Ball
The Vanish and Reproduction of the Bells (Nos. 1–3)
Obedient Ball
Ball-Thru-Glass Penetration
The Flying Spheres
The Ball and The Handkerchief Vase
—Chapter Five—Additions:
Rising Cards
The Rajah’s Ransom
The Cut-and-Restored Necklace
Coins in the Casket
Exchange Flower Box
The Crystal-Block Miracle (Klingl
The Mirror-Card Production
Vanishing-Coin Box
Silk Tube
Coin Ladder (Klingl)
Coin Vase
Coin Star
Spider-Web Card (Klingl)
The Cords of Cairo
The P & L Books of Ching Soo
The Magic Incubator
The Repeat Die Box
Buckley Coin Stand
Card Box (Himber)
Card Box (Gamage)
The Jumbo Card Rise
Card Stars
The Card in Balloon
The Card Bouquet
Chapter Six—Color Section