PDF – History and Mystery of Magic (Classic Magic series, vol. 10) by Robert J. Albo



Conjuring Arts and the Albo family proudly and exclusively offer Dr. Albo’s “Classic Magic” collection in PDF format!

A unique study of the history of conjuring—and much more!

The first two hundred pages of History and Mystery of Magic see Dr. Robert J. Albo draw on his vast collection of magic props and his extensive knowledge to offer a fascinating and highly readable narrative history of the art of conjuring, starting at the time of the pharaohs and extending to the present day. From Dedi to David Copperfield (who also contributes the book’s introduction), a wealth of magicians and routines are discussed, and magic acts from throughout the ages are vividly recreated in Dr. Albo’s clear prose. A lengthy look at individual props follows, with effects including the Rice Bowls, Cake in Hat and Duck Vanish explored and illustrated in detail.

Dr. Albo’s text is ably augmented by a number of esteemed contributors. The great Jacques Voignier offers a valuable overview of French magic sets, while Byron Walker discusses “Eighteen Milestones in Magic Literature.” Gene Gonzales explores Eddy Taytelbaum’s close-up repertoire and methods, and Dom DiMento provides the perfect introduction to History and Mystery of Magic’s lavish full-color section, which features images of bills, books, and props galore, with his guide to stock posters.

465 pages. Fully searchable text with extensive illustrations.

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Full contents:

—Table of Contents
—Introduction by David Copperfield
—Foreword by Edwin A. Dawes
—Chapter One—Wizards, Wonders and the World of Magic
—Chapter Two—New Old Magic:
Loop The Loop (Table Model)
The Marvelous Silk Transposition
Brema’s Rice Bowls
Production of a Bowl of Flowers
Penetration of Matter
Morison Egg-and-Ball-Transposition Vase
Cake in the Hat
Pigeon Transposition from Cage to Cage
Candle Tube
Color-Changing Parasol
Orange-and-Bottle Transposition
Himber Pail
Signed Card in the Wallet
Oriental Cups and Balls
Conradi’s Magic Cubes
Maldo’s Likorcheif
Penetrix Card
Body Servante
Fakir Sword Trick
Pigeon Catch
Domino Box (Glove Box)
Miracle Frame
Further information on the Duck Vanish
McCullough’s Mighty Miracle Pitcher (Foo Can, Lota Bowl)
Himber’s Barrel Trick (Kuma Tubes)
—Chapter Three—French Magic Sets by Jacques Voignier
—Chapter Four—The Writings of the Wizards
—Chapter Five—The Micro Magic of Eddy Taytelbaum by Gene Gonzales
—Chapter Six—Unusual and Stock Magic Posters by Dom DiMento
—Color Section
—Final Word