PDF – How to Make a Ghost Walk by Joseph Dunninger


America’s premier mystery performer reveals the secrets of the séance room.


“There are no such creatures as ghosts,” Dunninger is quick to point out in this engaging and exquisitely illustrated ninety-four-page book of “Simple Directions for Staging a Séance.” Once the author’s lack of belief in spirit manifestations is clear, he promptly describes a host of methods by which mystery artists can entertain spectators who are keen to experience the simulated presence of otherworldly visitors.

Although modern performers like Derren Brown, who devoted a full evening show to the séance format, can attest to the power that this engaging theatrical premise still holds, precious few books in mentalism deal as directly with the practicalities of replicating a séance for paying customers as How to Make a Ghost Walk. The Amazing Dunninger makes for a well-informed and witty guide through the subject, offering not only fascinating insights into the deceptive practices employed by the people who pose as mediums, but also an array of easy-to-do stunts that would sit well in the repertoires of any discerning mental performers. Whether you’re looking for strong material for a show with a spooky theme or simply keen to find out more about the ruses that have been fooling séance guests for over a century and a half, you’re sure to find this an interesting read.

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