PDF – Jap Box Tricks by Glenn G. Gravatt


An exhaustive exploration of a simple prop that can produce some great magic.


The origins of the silk-production box may be uncertain, but the entertainment value that this small prop provides has been proven time and time again. Glenn G. Gravatt offers a wealth uses for the box in this comprehensive study, drawing directly from the repertoires of the likes of Floyd Thayer, U. F. Grant, Harry Blackstone and David Devant. Historians of magic will be intrigued to read Gravatt’s quotations from early dealers’ advertisements and instructions for the handkerchief-production box, while performers may want to skip ahead to the bulk of Jap Box Tricks’ one hundred and twenty-six pages, where effects with decks of cards, glass tumblers, and eggs are explained, as well as a variety of more standard silk-based routines. Whether you’re looking for new uses for a familiar prop or simply keen to get your creative juices flowing by seeing different master magicians’ takes on producing small items using one very simple method, you’re sure to find this book a rewarding read.

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