PDF – Leaves from My Notebook by John Northern Hilliard


One of magic’s best writers shares cherished routines from his working repertoire.


Erudite and eloquent, John Northern Hilliard was one of the greatest magic writers ever to set pen to paper, and this fifty-page booklet brings together a series of articles he contributed to Thayer’s Magical Bulletin in the 1920s. Four routines are given in-depth explanations, and there’s something for everyone here — a card mystery complete with delightful patter that sees three cards found in a manner that fans of Dani DaOrtiz’s “Triple Intuition” will enjoy; what looks like an eight-ring Linking Ring routine that makes ingenious use of an additional prop; a Living-and-Dead test that’s simple to perform but powerful in effect; and a wonderful quick trick in which a cigarette instantly forms from tobacco and paper. Leaves from My Notebook offers readers highly entertaining magic that continues to pack a punch almost a century after it was first published.

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