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More inspired material from the master magi of the Magic Circle


Percy Naldrett continues the “Collected Magic” books with this hundred-page seventh instalment in the series that gathers tried-and-tested material from experienced stage performers. The Magical Miscellany begins with a contribution from Louis Nikola, who offers a delightful alphabet-card effect that combines the visual appeal of the Rising Cards with a quirky approach to spelling that younger audiences are sure to enjoy. Harold H. Saunders follows, with patter for Trouble Wit that would sit well in any act that seeks to recreate the charm of early twentieth-century performances. Will Blyth then provides his take on the Sympathetic Cubes, the imaginative J. F. Orrin offers a card routine that renders the on-stage action visible and entertaining even to the back seats of the largest auditorium, and Rupert Woodhouse Pitman contributes his Linking Rings variation, in which a carnival-game plot ensures plenty of audience interaction. Further contributions feature such diverse effects as mind reading, magical silk-handkerchief tying and appearing carrots. Something for everyone!

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