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“There is always need for one more good book on magic,” said Harry Houdini, and in her introduction to Marvels of Mystery, Houdini’s widow emphatically agrees — “this is that book,” she declares.


The subtitle of Marvels of Mystery proclaims it to be “a professional magician’s textbook of conjuring masterpieces,” and a quick glance at the table of contents soon justifies that assessment. There’s an explanation of the Cups and Balls with a final load of chicks that’s guaranteed to provoke gasps of amazement, a chapter devoted to patter-heavy presentations that are sure to engage and entertain audiences of all ages, and a whole section on tour-de-force finales including Needle Swallowing and the Vanishing Bird Cage. These one hundred and sixty pages don’t just rehash the classics, though — John Booth also offers his expert insights into making the most of every effect, and whether he’s tipping his baffling multi-phase bare-handed “Miracle Production” or providing advice about which tables to perform with and how best to routine an act, you’re certain to learn plenty from what he has to say.

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