PDF – Modern Card Effects and How to Perform Them by George DeLawrence & James Thompson


Practical card magic that still packs a punch, a hundred years after it first appeared in print.


Modern Card Effects sees two experienced card workers tip their professional repertoires to create what Genii magazine suggested might well have been “the first book of its kind” — a comprehensive explanation of audience-tested card material, written by and for performers.

The book begins with a selection of striking color changes, and although the authors assume familiarity with various Passes and Side Steals, an interesting method for delivering a card from the center of the deck to the right palm in a lightly folded condition is explained in full, as are a number of other novel sleights. The rest of the book is devoted to complete routines, covering a mix of both impromptu material and effects requiring some degree of preparation. Whether you’re using the clever method for gaffing a card to ensure a break-free Riffle Force or employing the authors’ preferred technique for a simple and direct Cards Across, you’re sure to find something worthwhile in this book’s eighty-four pages.

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George DeLawrence & James Thompson

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