PDF – Modernism in Pasteboard by Ralph W. Hull & Nelson C. Hahne


Top-notch card magic from two creative powerhouses.


Raph W. Hull may be best remembered for pioneering a particular method of gimmicking cards, but here he joins forces with his fellow Ohio native Nelson C. Hahne to explain a variety of card effects, most of which use an unprepared deck. This densely packed booklet, first published in 1934, begins with the delightful “Modernism in Mentalism” — a precursor to Dai Vernon’s “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” that involves the kind of psychological chicanery usually associated with more recent mentalism methods — and Hahne follows up with a beautifully illustrated explanation of an eminently practical double lift. Eleven effects and sleights are explained in all, highlights being “The Animated Chalk Marks”, which features a pack of number cards, two slates, and an extremely bold bluff that fans of Chan Canasta’s work will be intrigued to learn, “Hahne’s Photographic Card”, in which a gaff card helps to achieve a fun, quick effect that can still prove baffling and relevant in the age of the smartphone camera, and a routine from John Snyder, Jr. that makes diabolical use of different card finishes. Modernism in Pasteboard is a wonderful little book from two magic creators whose techniques and routines were ahead of their time.

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Ralph W. Hull & Nelson C. Hahne

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