PDF – More Classic Magic with Apparatus (Classic Magic series, vol. 3) by Robert J. Albo



Conjuring Arts and the Albo family proudly and exclusively offer Dr. Albo’s “Classic Magic” collection in PDF format!

The definitive guide to the greatest prop-based magic ever created—continued!

Dr. Robert J. Albo continues his comprehensive examination of magic props and routines with a volume that will delight card workers, coin experts, parlor magicians and stage conjurors.

Have you ever wanted to study or perform the Rising Cards? If so, you’ve come to the right place! More Classic Magic with Apparatus begins with a detailed exploration of no fewer than eight versions of this wonderful routine. Some fifty further card effects follow, and incorporate touches from such luminaries as Joe Berg, Richard Himber and the Davenport family. If coins are more your thing, look no further. Here are a wealth of routines, from the Miser’s Dream to the Traveling Coins, that fit right into close-up, parlor and stage repertoires. Stage practitioners, meanwhile, will relish Dr. Albo’s thorough illustrated explanations of a variety of approaches to the Nest of Boxes, the Change Bag and many other props. Okito completists will enjoy learning the secrets of more of Theo Bamberg’s most prized routines in a special “Okito Revisited” section, while historians will relish the book’s thirty-nine concluding pages, which reproduce, in full color, magic posters from the likes of Kellar, Thurston and Houdini.

381 pages. Fully searchable text with extensive illustrations.

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Full contents:

—Table of Contents
—Foreword by Robert J. Albo
—Chapter One—Card Effects:
Rising Card
Swinging Houlette
The Rising Card on a Plate
Any-Card-Called-For Rising Card
Davenport Card Rise
The Jumbo Rising Card Houlette
The Multiple Card Rise
Rising Card Pillar
The Absconding Queen
Card and Target
Card-Changing Trays
Card Tripod
Card Boxes
Berg Card-Vanish Stand
Cosmovision (Gammatration and Cosmovision)
Berg’s Sucker Card Vanish
Find the Lady (Cherchez La Femme)
Himber’s Fifth Dimension
The Gathering of the Aces
Card Pillar Production (Lantern of Diogenes)
Jumping Card
The Card-Changing Frame
The Electric Handkerchief and Cards
The Card and Watch Frame
The Card Ladder
Card Production Between Plates of Glass
The Demon’s Head (The Satyr’s Head)
Pillar of the Magi
Card in Balloon
Card in the Candle
Card Guns
Glass and Card Penetration
Spiderweb Card
Card Star
Appearing Card in Houlette
Card in the Houlette
Card in the Bottle
The Deck of Cards to Handkerchief Effect
The One-Day-Fly Effect
Snake in the Basket
The Card Plate
The Marvelous Prediction
Card Sword
The Miracle Frame
The Presto Card Frame
The Hartz Card Frame
Card on the Bottle
The Card to Flowers
The Card-to-Canary Box
—Chapter Two—Coins:
Coins in the Glass
The Coin Star
The Coins in the Crystal Casket
Traveling Coins (Passe-Passe Coins)
Nickle to Penny to Dime
Coin Vanishing Box
Enchanted Coin Vase (Dream Coin Vase)
The Rattle Box
Nickels to Dimes
The Mysterious Glass Jar and Flying Coins (Crystal
Coin Vase)
Coins in the Bottle
Marked Coin in the Ball of Wool
Blue Glass Coin Trick
Coin Trays
The Enchanted Coin Pedestal (Rising Florin)
The Miraculous Box Effect
Miser’s Dream
Coin Ladders
Coin Production Frame
Marked Coin in the Box of Beans
Stands for Vanishing Coins
Coin Wands
Maggie’s Nite Out
Coin Boxes
—Chapter Three—Nest of Boxes:
No-Assistant Nest of Boxes
Assistant Nest of Boxes
The Tabaret Loading Table
—Chapter Four—Change Bags:
Classic Change Bags
Card Ladle
Change Tray
Fire Globe
Exchange Cannister
—Chapter Five—Potpourri:
Transposition Blocks
Block to Flowers
Block to Cage and Canary
Dove-Vanishing Cages
Visible Block Vanish
Catching Birds in Air
Magic Looking Glass
Magic Incubator Improved
The Visible Circular Block Penetration
Guinea Pig Box
Japanese Drawer Box (See Thru Drawer Box)
Ming Box (Exchange Drawer Box)
The Tea Chests of Wang Foo
Die Boxes
The Blackboard to Cage
—Chapter Six—Okito Revisited:
Miraculous Ball Vanish
Coffee and Milk Cups
The Okito Confetti to Goldfish in Water
Okito Living and Dead
The Canary-Production Cage
The Canary Effect
Okito Leg Chopper
Okito’s Confetti to Silks and Livestock
Okito Sawing an Arm in Half
—Chapter Seven—Magic Posters and Tricks