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A selection of effects, advice and patter from a prolific magic writer.


Mystery hath Charm!” declares the inscription in this book, and the contents of More Miscellaneous Magic certainly bears out that claim. Percy Naldrett, who was a member of Servais Le Roy’s company before going it alone as a magic creator and writer, offers an eclectic mix of effects, most of which are best suited to stage work. Naldrett begins with an ingenious card transformation, in which an indifferent card is hung from a ribbon, only to metamorphose into a selection a few moments later. Another card effect follows, but so too does a mentalism routine, tips on productions — specifically how to load production items on members of the audience — and a delightful variation of the Coin in Ball of Wool. Harry Leat contributes his full patter for the Mutilated Parasol effect, which, while perhaps a little too antiquated for contemporary tastes, provides an interesting insight into the performing styles of a hundred years ago, and the author rounds things off with a color force from Servais Le Roy’s repertoire and a black-art-based suggestion for improving vanishes.

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