PDF – On with the Show — A Further Selection of Magical Selections Part I by J. F. Orrin


A selection of routines from a highly creative magical mind.


The wildly creative J. F. Orrin begins this two-part collection with seven routines from his own repertoire, all of which are suitable for parlor and stage performances, and see novel methods used to force the name of a flower, allow a napkin ring to vanish and reappear, magically mix colored ribbons, and more. Most of these effects require some prop-making ability, and one calls for an assistant, but they’re sure to leave you marveling at Orrin’s ingenious solutions to all kinds of magical problems. The plots described are highly entertaining, too — one piece sees selected cards not merely identified, but divined by a thought-reading model cat, as the magician provides narration in the form of rhyming patter. On with the Show is a book of inspiring and original magic.

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J. F. Orrin

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