PDF – On With the Show – A Further Selection of Magical Selections Part II by J. F. Orrin


An inspired magical thinker shares a range of entertaining ideas.


The prolific and imaginative British magician J. F. Orrin shares more of his baffling creations, some from his own act and others otherwise untested but nevertheless ingenious. Orrin begins this fifty-five-page booklet with a glass penetration that does away with the thick wooden frame of conventional methods to allow for a mystifying and highly visual effect that would serve any enterprising magician keen to fool fellow performers very well indeed. Next come a vanishing matchbox, a telepathic spider, and a novel quick-change routine that uses a large doll in lieu of an assistant. Fifteen further effects round out this collection, and all are certain to amaze any audiences lucky enough to see them.

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J. F. Orrin

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