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An expert English magician shares his most prized routines


Any magic performers who feature a “Ring, Watch and Wallet” effect in their repertoires owe something to the great Oswald Rae, who developed his similarly structured “Bandit” routine in the 1920s. A society favorite, Rae also published a number of books for magicians, and in Original Magic, he brings together his best effects from various magic journals and magazines.

Rae begins this seventy-four-page compilation with the elaborate “Phoenix Card and Ring Mystery”, which incorporates a number of subtle ruses and psychological ploys to introduce a duplicate card into a deck and replicate a spectator’s signed initials, in a sequence that will be of great interest to modern close-uppers. Next comes “Travelling Cigarettes”, which could easily be adapted to suit a more inclusive presentation with crayons, for example, followed by a festive production number that sees Christmas stockings magically fill with treats when placed inside a prop chimney. Whether you’re looking for a method to make flowers disappear from vases or you’re keen to explore a full Cinderella-themed children’s routine, complete with baffling magic and plenty of opportunities for audience interaction, you’re sure to find something to whet your magical appetite and inspire further creativity in this book.

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