PDF – Secrets of the Street Conjurer by Wilfrid Huggins


Performing insights and effect ideas from a legendary street magician.


Magic books specifically devoted to street performing are few and far between, so this short publication by a master of the art will be a welcome addition to anyone’s electronic library. Wilf Huggins provides the kind of tips and insights that can only be gleaned from a lifetime spent encouraging passers-by to stop, watch, and part with their cash, and he also explains the effects that earned him his daily bread. Huggins’ prose is concise and to the point — he assumes some familiarity with classics of magic including the Cap and Pence and Multiplying Billiard Balls — but it’s clear that everything he writes is born of thousands of hours spent working in one of the toughest settings conceivable. Both performers and historians of magic will enjoy reading this little book.

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Wilfrid Huggins

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