PDF – Still Further Classic Magic with Apparatus (the Classic Magic series, vol. 5) by Robert J. Albo



Conjuring Arts and the Albo family proudly and exclusively offer Dr. Albo’s “Classic Magic” collection in PDF format!

The definitive guide to the greatest prop-based magic ever created—the series continues!

This is a book not only for collectors, but scholars and performers too. Boasting comprehensive written explanations and clear illustrations throughout, Still Further Classic Magic with Apparatus sees Dr. Robert J. Albo explore some of the finest close-up, parlor and stage magic that audiences have ever enjoyed.

Magic effects with liquid are somewhat neglected by modern practitioners, but are among the most enchanting that can be performed. Still Further Classic Magic with Apparatus begins with a lengthy examination of these astonishing routines, and encompasses everything from fishbowl productions to the Patriotic Liquids, the Barrel of Plenty and the Vanishing Glass of Water. Detailed explanations of effects with clocks and watches—likewise now seen somewhat less often—follow, guiding the reader through productions, vanishes and transpositions. After chapters on magic with candles and miscellaneous props, boasting routines including the Floating Candle, the Okito Rice Bowls, and a Giant Card Rise, Dr. Albo turns his attention to spiritualistic effects, in a chapter that encompasses the Floating Table, the Rapping Hand, the Talking Skull, and discussions of billet knives, the Spirit Slates and much more. Bringing the book’s trick explanations to a close is a section devoted to the parlor magic of Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser. Still Further Classic Magic with Apparatus concludes with a contribution from F. William Kuethe, Jr., who offers a fascinating, and amply illustrated, study of magicians’ tokens and coins, and a color section showing props from various magicians’ collections.

446 pages. Fully searchable text with extensive illustrations.

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Full contents:

—Table of Contents
—Chapter One—The Magic of Collecting
—Chapter Two—Liquid and Fish:
The French Coffee Pot
The Sucker Glass Vanish
The Vanishing Glass Of Liquid
Patriotic Liquids
Neptune’s Tube
The Vanishing Goldfish
The Marvelous-Glass-of-Liquid Production
The Inexhaustible Vase (Lota Bowl)
The Bogart Tubes
Ink to Goldfish And Water
Wine And Water
The Barrell Of Plenty
Stack-of-Fish-Bowls Production
Aquarium Fish Production
Aerial Fish Catching
Goldfish-Bowl Production
Westgate Bowl Production
The Milk Pitcher
The Ink Through the Hat
The Miraculous Pitcher (McCullough)
The Glass-of-Liquid Vanish
The Marshall Bowl Vanish
The Mystic Funnel
The Enchanted Cylinder
Liquid to Livestock
The Cocktail Canisters
The Cocktail Shaker
Multum in Parvo
Multiple Goldfish-Bowl Vanish
The Vanishing Glass Of Water (Mirage)
The Glass Of Liquid Through Hat
The Glass Of Liquid Vanish
The Fish-Bowl Production
The Mysterious Wine Canister
—Chapter Three—Clocks and Watches:
Clock Transposition
The Vanishing Alarm Clock
The Vanishing and Reappearing Clock
The Appearing Watches on Chain
Frame and Disappearing Watches
The Passe-Passe Clocks
The Flash–Die Alarm-Clock Change
Target Watch Production
The Watch Box
The Mortar And Pestle
—Chapter Four—Candles:
The Handkerchief from Candle Flame
The Vanishing And Reappearing Candle
The Handkerchief On The Candle
Handkerchief In The Candle
The Candle That Was
Candle to Flag
The Candle to Bouquet
The Candle to Fan
The Candle to Handkerchief (Candle Tube)
The Haunted Candle
The Floating Candle
The Magic Candle Stand
The Vanishing and Reappearing Firecracker
The Lighting and Unlighting Candles
The Flame Through the Handkerchief
Coins From The Candle
The Visible-Candle-Production Stand
Candle to Flags
Candle Stand
—Chapter Five—More Additions:
The Okito Rice Bowls
The Flag Vase
Confetti to Doves
The Cards on the Glass Plate
Nest of Boxes
Marked Coin in the Nest Of Boxes and Salt
Confetti To Chinese Lantern
The Novel Mahogany Cage
The Mysterious Money Box
The Visible Block into The Hat
Nic’s Napkins
The Morrison Egg Vase
The Unique Ball Vase
The Excelsior Card Rise
The Dehempsey Coin Pail
Tip-Over Boxes
The Giant Card Rise
The Baffling Blocks
The Coin Easel
The Coin-Release Cards
The Fantastic Die Penetration
The Hoffmann Coin Box
A Novel Coin Box
Coin Boxes
The Miraculous Power Of Crystal
The Pillar Of The Magi (Addendum)
Thayer Coin Boxes
Unique Exchange Drawer Box
—Chapter Six—Spiritualistic Effects:
The Ethereal Floating Table
A Voice from the Great Beyond
The Talking Buddha
The Wonder Clock
The Vase-and-Colored-Stick Divination
The Vase And Colored Discs
Spirit-Message Box
The Divining Vase
The Mysterious Box and Magic Telescope
The Mystery of Mysteries
The Mystery of the Numbers
The Rapping Hand
The Phantom-Shadow Illusion
The Spirit Paintings
A Trip to Spookville
The Handkerchief Spirit Cabinet
The Talking Skulls
The Changing Question Box
The Super “X” Changing Basket
The Magic Billet Box
The Billet-Exchange Casket
The Modern Crystal-Gazing Act
Crystal Gazing
The Patriotic Candles
The Rapping Door
The Billet Tube
The Billet Knife
The Knife Through the Finger
The Devil’s Lock
The Spirit Bell I
Prediction Chest
The Devil’s Mailbox
The Spirit Bell II
The Spirit Buzzer
The X-Ray-Vision Box
The Spirit Clock Dial
The Spirit Tom Tom
The Thumb-Lock Penetration
The Geneva Watch
The Prediction Top
The Mystery Pyramids
A Whisper from Beyond
The Clipboard Reaper
The Magic Note Pad
The Miraculous Card Prediction
The Doctor Q Slates
The Marvelous Bolteo Slates
The New Miracle Slates
The Midget Spirit Slate
The Gambol Of The Spirits
The Mysterious Addition
The Original Slate Mystery
The Hidden Message
—Chapter Seven—Dr. Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser:
The Rice Vase
The Metal Bell
The Ink Of The Enamored
The Prediction Box
The Stock Market Speculator
The Pearls
The Torn-and-Restored Card
The Coin Box
The Numbered Discs
The Twenties
The Grandfather
The Ring in Danger
The Lantern of Diogenes
The Card Box
The Rose Mirror
—Chapter Eight—Magicians’ Tokens and Coins
—Chapter Nine—Color Section