PDF – Testament of R. W Hull by Trevor H. Hull


Superb magic from a creative powerhouse.


Raph W. Hull is probably best remembered as the man who developed a number of gimmicked decks, but this hundred-page book makes it clear that his magical legacy ought to be far more wide-ranging than the magic community sometimes allows. Trevor Hall begins by offering an overview of Hull’s life and career, before taking a deep dive into the material he spent a lifetime perfecting. Photographs accompany the explanations, and Hall’s clear prose will enable any reader to master the sleights required in Hull’s baffling card effects — from predictions and locations to transpositions and torn-and-restored sequences. While a number of the routines require some sleight-of-hand ability, Hall includes a selection of inspired self-working effects, and the closing chapter proves that Hull’s genius didn’t limit itself to card tricks, as a showpiece three-phase slate-based mentalism routine is explained in full.

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