PDF – The Book of Exquisite Conjuring by Friedrich W. Conradi


A wonderful selection of a effects from a prolific magic writer and creator.


Not content with being a successful magic dealer and propmaker, Friedrich W. Conradi was also the biggest name in German-language magic publishing at the turn of the twentieth century. He is probably best known to English-speaking magicians as the source of a number of items that appeared in Roterberg’s New Era Card Tricks, but in his lifetime, his own English-language output was limited to just two small volumes that were translated into English by Eugen Harkewitz. The Book of Exquisite Conjuring is the first book in the set.

Conradi begins with a routine in which a selected dart is fired from a gun and magically passes through a member of the audience. He continues with his take on the Water Bowls, a Cut-and-Restored Rope, a Color-Changing Handkerchief, a Vanishing and Reappearing Tumbler, a Cards at Any Number, and much more, ending with a five-page guide to making rag pictures, courtesy of H. W. Tagrey. In his review in The Sphinx, Dr. A. M. Wilson declared: “no other book of magical effects contains anything like the revelations in this book, my advice is: get it.” Our advice is: listen to Dr Wilson!

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