PDF – The Card Expert by Lynn Searles


A master card magician guides you through a selection of complex moves and powerful effects.


As the man who invented the Cannibal Cards plot and pioneered a number of clever forces and sleights, Lynn Searles certainly deserves the title of “Card Expert.” In this fifty-nine-page book, he explains a variety of pasteboard-based impossibilities, all of which, he helpfully points out in his introduction “take both skill and misdirection.” Along the way, there’s also a thorough breakdown of several moves, including the Push-Through False Shuffle, some false cuts, the Second Deal (which Searles maintains is of more value to magicians and easier to perform than the Pass) and the Bottom Deal, as well as a smattering of thought-provoking theory, all accompanied by elegant illustrations from the great Sid Lorraine. The tricks explained include four-Ace productions, packet transpositions and individual locations — enough to keep an advanced card worker very occupied!

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