PDF – The Complete “Practical Card Tricks” by Walter B. Gibson


This collection of card effects has it all — from self-working wonders to sleight-heavy miracles.


Not content with ghost writing for Blackstone, Thurston and Houdini or creating The Shadow, Walter Gibson presents his own bumper selection of card material. Alongside a variety of standard location effects are a range of more novel routines that see, for example, a silk handkerchief mysteriously appear inside an improvised playing-card tube or a card that a spectator merely thinks of disappearing from the deck, only to find its way into the performer’s pocket. Herbert Johnson contributes what Gibson states is “one of the most astonishing effects” he has ever seen, while the author’s own “Cards from the Pockets” is proffered as “the best trick you will ever want to do”, and sees the magician mix the deck by dealing it into four piles, distribute these across four pockets and still being able to produce any card or poker hand the audience names. All four booklets in the “Practical Card Tricks” series are brought together here, with more than sixty moves and effects explained.

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