PDF – The Emerald Mystery by Warner Perry


A baffling demonstration of magical coincidence.


This booklet may not be long, but if you’re a card magician, it could just provide you with your next closer, in the form of a sensational matching effect. If you like the sound of the description that follows, you’ll love this PDF…

“A deck is shown and one suit selected by having a spectator peek at a card. Deck is genuinely riffle-shuffled several times and then turned face up. Spectator takes out all the cards of his suit exactly as they lie in the deck from the bottom to top. Deck is again genuinely riffle-shuffled several times. Magician selects a suit by using the suit of the card which happens to be on the bottom of the deck after the shuffle. The cards of this suit are removed exactly as they come and are placed in another pile. Spectator and magician each go through exactly the same movements with their respective piles. Each removes one card and places it reversed at a certain position in the pile. Cards in the spectator’s pile are found to have rearranged themselves exactly in the same order as those in the magician’s pile, even to the extent and location of the reversed card.”

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