PDF – The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs (Classic Magic series, vol. 1) by Robert J. Albo



Conjuring Arts and the Albo family proudly and exclusively offer Dr. Albo’s “Classic Magic” collection in PDF format!

Discover the secrets of the world’s greatest magical dynasty.

Dr. Robert J. Albo begins his eleven-volume study of conjuring effects, props and history with a fascinating look at the magic of the Bambergs. With the help of Eric C. Lewis and David “Fu-Manchu” Bamberg himself, Dr. Albo explores the rich repertoire that took generations of Bambergs across the globe.

After delving into the family’s history—reproducing photographs and documents galore— Dr. Albo offers detailed explanations of some of the greatest routines in stage magic. From Okito’s Water-Bowl Production to his Card Frame, Hand Chopper and production boxes, from Fu-Manchu’s Flash Appearances to his Cremation Illusion, every effect is clearly explained, with Dr. Albo’s lucid prose accompanied by a wealth of illustrations. A special section sees Dr. Albo dissect Okito’s remarkable Floating Ball routine in full.

Accompanied by broader discussions of Okito and Fu-Manchu’s approaches and methods, The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs is a comprehensive examination of superb effects, all of which are astonishing, entertaining, and would work well in any modern stage act.

255 pages. Fully searchable text with extensive illustrations.

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Full contents:

The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs
—Table of Contents
—Foreword by Robert J. Albo
—Introduction by Eric C. Lewis
—Chapter One—The Bambergs and Okito
—Chapter Two—Okito Magic: 1900, New York:
The Great Angling Trick
The Riddle of the Rabbit
Water-Bowl Production
The Okito Card Frame
Transposition Extraordinary
The Restless Spheres
The Butterfly Trick
Mysterious Dove
Okito Bird Cage
The Hindoo Inkwell
Nest of Boxes
Handkerchief Gun
Mandarin Jewel Caskets
—Chapter Three—Okito “Berg”: 1940, Chicago:
Okito Card Star
Cut and Restored Ribbon
Color Changing Candle
Matter Thru Matter
“The Box”
The “Bam-Berg” Zombie Cabinet
The Tea-Canister Mystery
Flip-Over Vanish
Sleeve Production
Magical Incubator
Ring on Wand
Visible Block Penetration
Fu-Manchu Hand Chopper
The Substitution Principle
The Confetti Trick
Gobi Bowl
Jewel-Chest Mystery
The Linking Chain Links
—Chapter Four—Okito Redmon: 1950:
“Where Did The Ducks Go?”
The Alphabet Block
Checker Cabinet
The Scare Mask and Dove
Multum in Parvo
Color Changing Wand
Crystal Casket
Okito’s Miraculous Production
—Intermission—The Bamberg “Gerunte”
—Chapter Five—Miraculous Productions:
Okito Mat Trick
The Triple Production
Fu-Manchu Super Production
Eight Glasses Production
—Chapter Six—Okito’s Famous Floating Ball
—Chapter Seven—Fu-Manchu Section:
Fu-Manchu History and Show
Stage Magic Technique
The Magic Book
Flash Appearances
The Girl from the Light
The Cremation Illusion
The Pendulum Illusion