PDF – Tricks for Everyone by David Devant


A selection of highly entertaining effects from one of the greatest English magicians of all time.


Don’t let the title or age of this book fool you — while the material in Tricks for Everyone is easy to master and over a hundred years old, much of it could be used by professional performers to baffle twenty-first-century audiences…

Written by the great David Devant, this book explains a variety of effects using common household objects. From routines with pencils and rulers — including an often overlooked precursor to the “Flip Stick” wand vanish — to effects with cards, coins, wine and oranges, Devant describes over fifty tricks, many of which can be performed impromptu. Tricks for Everyone is worth reading for the “Tricks in the Garden” chapter alone, which contains some highly deceptive magic with postcards, a sack escape, and a method for removing a man’s waistcoat without taking off his jacket. A fascinating read!

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